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Born in the Netherlands (1957). Studied Monumentale vormgeving at the Academie Beeldende Kunst, Maastricht, (1980-1984 ). 
Lived and worked in Australia from ‎1984-1999, studied at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology ‎(1997-1998, Advanced Diploma for Arts in Electronics, Design and Interactive Media. 
Works have been exhibited and sreened  at  international exhibitions and festivals 

I work in a number of different mediums/disciplines - painting, sculpture, mixed media, computer/video art. Often, I combine these mediums in projects.



1996-1997 Advanced Diploma of Arts in Electronics (design and interactive media)

                   Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Melbourne, Australia

1980-1984 Monumentale vormgeving

                   Academie voor Beeldende Kuns Maastricht ,the Netherlands


2016         studio Parkstraat Venlo small sculptures "Upswing""

2016         group exhibition "Venlo-in" Bolwater straat 15-17  "Untitledl""

2015         studio Parkstraat Venlo small sculptures "Aligned""

2014         studio Parkstraat  Venlo small sculptures "Micro wildlife"

2014         "Nachtwacht q4 venlo 2014 "  studio Parkstraat Installation "untitled"

2014         As iF "Gouvernement" aan de Maas Maastricht

2013         Nachtwacht q4 venlo 2013" studio Parkstraat instalation "Selfie" 

2012         Knock...Knock... Venlo

2010         Alla Cassa Venlo

2009         Studio parkstraat Venlo series of paintings

2009         Het Raam Venlo - in connection with Trudie van Soest “Hermitage” 

                Screening ”EDGE” at Gallerie New Untitled Venlo

2009         Het Raam Venlo HUMAN LIFE

2009         Etalage SNS bank Venlo BLUE FEELS GREEN

2008         De Nacht wacht q4 Venlo FIRELINE

2007         De korte nacht van de creativiteit ,Q4 Venlo screenings Bergstraat  

2007         De Nacht wacht q4 Venlo installation FISHING FOR LIGHT

2007         Alla Casa  Venlo

2007         het Raam  Tegelen

2003         het Raam  ,tegelen  en Sir Herald Gallery ,Venlo

2001         het Raam ,Tegelen

1996         fitzroy gallery,Melbourne                                  

1996         High Pole Gallery ,Melbourne

1995         Horizons Gallery,Melbourne                                       

1994         M.R.C. Gallery,Melbourne                                        

1994         Convent Gallery ,Daylesford

1993         The Melbourne Ritz

1992         The Lounge Night Club, Melbourne

1991         Gallery at Tolarno ,Melbourne

1991         Department of Architecture ,Melbourne University

1990         De Splinter ,Venlo The Netherlands

1987         Reconnaissance Gallery,Melbourne

1986         Roar studios, Melbourne                                         

1984         Roar studios, Melbourne


Murals :


2007        Noordbuitensingel Venlo

2008        tunnel azalea  straat Blerick

2009        Kasteel de Berckt Baarlo

Collaborations :



PIUM, The Men from U.N.C.L.E  en Paul Ritt.

Se Souvenir Dans en Live muziek en Video Art. een samenwerking van PIUM, The Men From U.N.C.L.E en Paul Ritt. DAL tour in Maastricht, landgraaf, Roermond, en Venlo. Ouverture Venlo in Galerie Sir Harald Art, Zomerparkfeest avond Venlo.



PIUM, The Men from U.N.C.L.E  en Paul Ritt.

"12.7.78" - dansen door herinnering
Dans, live muziek en video Art. Samenwerking PIUM, The Men from U.N.C.L.E en Paul Ritt.
Een voorstelling op basis van herinneringen van diverse mensen uit onze omgeving. Nedinsco (vier voorstellingen) Venlo.


PIUM, The Men from U.N.C.L.E  en Paul Ritt.

"12.7.78" - dansen door herinnering

BAD-dansfestival in het Chassé theater Breda

AINSI theater in Maastricht

Theater de maaspoort Venlo

Jubileumfeest Berden Venlo


 Videoclips :


Hampelemanne “Babbelaer”


The men from U.N.C.L.E. ”Petit chanson”





2014 rhythms of Java 3.10 min./2014 Roots 2.40 min./2014 Connected 2.02 min./2013 Cornelis Vleeskens in Cape Patterson 2004 13.05min./2013 Charge 2.00 min./2012 WASTElands 2.30 min./2012 Code red 01 2.30 min./2012 Each day 2.35 min./2012 Oerbos (Primeval Forest) 2.39 min.\2011 throughblayers  1 min./2011 Roseroots  1.55 min./2011 Lightness of time 01/02/03  4 min./2011 NIGHT/day 1/2/3/4/5/6/7   12 min./2009 E.N.I.G.   7.30 min.  /2009 Edge     4.00 min    /2009 line    1.00 min  /2008 Scream   1.00 min    /2007 Glide   5.15 min /2006 Rhythm sketch 3.35 min   /2006 Overview  4.40 min   /2005 Enter   6.40 min /2005 melt   4.00 min /2005 forest  5.00 min /2005 melt   4.00 min  ./2005 forest   5.00 min /2005 Just   5.50 min  /2004 Spirit  3.35 min/2004 Contact    6.46 min /2004 Afterthought   3.19 min /2003 Flow   4.57 min /2003 Earthdance   3.26 min /2002 In time    1.57 min /2002 Melange  0.45 min /2002 Heaven knows  2.45 min 


Screenings  video art:



Les Rencontres Internationles in Berlin june 24- 2015 Haus der Kulturen der Welt/ ackup-festival 17 kurtzfilmfestival 17 kurtzfilmfestival in Weimar Germany may 27-31- 2015/ Bronxartspace newyork Feb 5-13



Les Rencontres Internationale in Paris December 1-7  2014



Video projecties facade stadhuis venlo 2009 “Untitled”  Kerstmis 2009/22nd Festival Les Instants Vidéo 2009 Oct. 31st - Nov.r 28th Marseille  France/ One Minute Film- und Videofestival 2009 Aarau Switzerland /ABSTRACTA 2009 International Abstract Cinema Exhibition Roma, Isola Tiberina 25, 26, 27 agosto 2009



One Minute Film- und Videofestival 2008 Aarau Switzerland/ Backup Festival - New Media in Film 22 june 2008 Weimar Germany/ EarthDance Short-Attention-Span Environmental Film Festival 2008 April 4th, 2008, at the Oakland Museum of California.



Azyl filmfestival 2007 Bratislava/ One Minute Film- und Videofestival 2007 Aarau Switzerland/ ZEMOS98 9ª edición march 2007 Sevilla Spain



 Pulsar "Animations contemporaines" 24th of octobre 2006 Caracas/ VIDEOLOGIA 2006 International Festival of Audio-Visual Arts Volgograd, Russia./Darklight Festival 2006 Dublin Ireland/ PixelDance video art festival Thessaloniki, Greece. /Grond Begane internationaal kort-film programma Den  Haag/ Videoformes art video/nouveaux 2006 Clermont-Ferrand 



KunstFilmBiennale Köln 2005 Köln ,Germany/ The Galway Arts Festival at The Millenium Court Arts Centre, Portadown Ireland./Filmfest Venlo july-august 2005 Venlo the Netherlands/ One Minute Film- und Videofestival 2005 Aarau Switzerland



Hertzoscópio - Experimental and Trans-disciplinary Arts Festival 2004 Lisboa Portugal /Némofestival 2004 Paris ,france/ BEK "Prøverommet" (screen) Bergen Norway/ Internationales Bochumer Videofestival 2004 Bochum Germany./Arcipelago12th International Festival of Short Films and New Images Rome ,June 4-9 ,2004/ VIDEOEX Experimentalfilm & Video Festival 2004 Zurich Switzerland/ the 3rd international kansk video festival 2004 / Kansk / Russia/ Synthetic zero 140th Street, 4th Floor New york October 23 2004 /Paris-Berlin international Meetings #8 in Paris 2004 



X/FEST 2003 (X/ANIMATE) R::E::M::O::T::E New york /Paris-Berlin international Meetings Paris 2003./ Tampere International Short Film Festival 2003 Finland/ 7th International Video Festival Videomedeja 2003 Novi Sad Serbia and Montenegro./ Cellu l'art das 4. jenaer kurzfilmfest Jena Germany may 2003/ Back-up 2003 festival .new media in film Weimar Deutschland./Eyedrum Movies Without Cameras 2003 Atlanta, GA 30312 USA./Hertzoscópio - Experimental and Trans-disciplinary Arts Festival 2003 Lisboa Portugal/ 20.Kasseler Documentarfilm-und Videofest filmladen Kassel e.V. 2003 /7th Rencontres internationales Paris/Berlin: Berlin nov   2003


Back-up 2002 festival .new media in film Weimar Deutschland./ Pixxelpoint 2002 International computerart festival SI 5000 Nova Gorica Slovenia (FIRST PRIZE for best animation)